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Campagnolo ATB Icarus/Record-OR Brake Cable Set

 New set (for Front & Rear) in factory package. 

2 top-quality stainless steel brake inner cables with ATB/MTB barrel-shaped ends, 2 sections of low-friction lined, black cable housing with Campagnolo  script logos, and 4 (in addition to the 2 already fitted at one end of each housing) deluxe, chromed brass end-ferrules.

Cable heads are 8mm Ø and also 8mm tall. The 8mm diameter is slightly larger than most current replacement cables, which makes them ideal for brake levers such as those by Tomassini, SunTour XC, old Shimano Deore XT, most European makers, and of course Campagnolo -- all which are made with a bore-hole in the lever, into which the cable-head directly seats, and turns when applied. The 8mm heads tend to pivot much more smoothly in these kind of levers, than the newer, smaller heads do. 

However, the cable head (unless it is reduced by filing, etc) is too large to fit many common types of newer levers (Tektro, most Shimano, most other Asian makes) in which the cable head seats into a riveted-on, pivoting steel bracket instead of directly into the lever itself.

With instruction sheet.

Made in Vicenza, Italy, c. 1992.

Header card (not the cables) may possibly be folded over at its top, for mailing.

Shipping rates to Canada will be about $3 less than the posted International rates.

PriceĀ  $ 45.00
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