Pace Bicycle Haven
Built to Ride

We finish bikes. Everybody starts, but not everybody finishes–especially not the way they intend. Many companies make excellent frames, or rims, or tires, or drivetrains, or various accessories, but very seldom are they all integrated the best way possible, for the advantage of the rider.

Too few items manufactured today are really made to use; too many are made only to sell, and fail to do what they were purchased for, and end up in a landfill. Bicycles, unfortunately, are not immune.

We love to make bikes (& special wheels, tricycles, tadpole recumbent trikes, tandems, etc…) that are more than just the sum of their parts, truly “built to ride,” that outlast all the transient “must have” fads and trends. “Horses for courses…” but -- whether to race, tour, commute, or just ride -- all should maximize the comfort, the efficiency, and the fun--so they must be also very reliable.

To attain those priorities, we use whatever works: some of the more common components and also some of the (at least in the US market) more unusual, albeit tried-and-true, such as [all widths of] tensioned leather saddles, drum brakes (not just disc) all kinds of special drivetrains, and everything required for a variety* of proportional, ideal, comfortable fits.*there is a lot more than just one, for everybody.

We sell all brands and price ranges of derailleur drivetrains, as well as no- or low- maintenance non-derailleur (enclosed "hub gear") alternatives, including NuVinci’s CVT N360 hubs, which are impossible to mis-shift, “stepless” and infinitely variable within their wide 360% overall range. We sell and service all kinds of other planetary-gear transmissions from makers like Sturmey-Archer, Sachs, SRAM, Schlumpf, FSA, and Shimano.

For those who desire the ultimate in simplicity, there are still bikes with 3, 2, or just 1 "gear," which can be either "fixed" or "free," from all-purpose "cruisers" to highly specialized, single-purpose, track-racing equipment.

We make in-house (or configure) some unique or specialty items like quad-ring cranksets, ultra-low (and/or high) gearing, custom-length cranksets, ‘aero’ handlebars (usually, with armrests) including some unique, hand-fitted, "radically comfortable" designs for tandem ‘stokers.’

We make all types of high-performance custom wheels (racing, expedition touring, commuting, off-road, tandem, trike) and pioneered the use of specially modified rear hubs (for dished wheels) for use with asymmetric, radial drive-side spoking – a design, since 2000 and 2002 respectively adopted by both Shimano and Mavic, the latter who coined a catchy, fairly descriptive name for it: “Isopulse”.

In addition to the ready-to-ride we sell all kinds of parts and pieces, large and small, hard and soft, for maintenance, repair, and upgrade. Also special pedals, cycling shoes, gloves, apparel, and all kinds of accessories.  In addition to some of the world's "latest and greatest" quality new products, we have a wide variety of rare or hard-to-find, classic, N.O.S. and collectible parts. Usually there's some on ebay (seller ID: pacebicyclehaven.)


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